Sage Stallone Dealing Drugs Before Death?


Authorities reportedly believe Sage Moonblood Stallone was a drug dealer before he died.

Law enforcement sources reveal Sylvester Stallone’s son was allegedly selling Hydrocodone, after dozens of prescription bottles were found in his home.

But, investigators don’t believe Sage was a drug addict. A source stated, “He was pudgy, and drug addicts are almost always rail thin.”

Sage stood at 5-foot-7 Stallone and weighed 188 pounds at his time of death.

Police didn’t find Hydrocodone pills, but did find over 60 huge prescription pill bottles that were all empty. That would be over 30,000 pills!

They also discovered white bags of powder, which are believed to be cocaine or crushed up Hydrocodone.

A close friend of Sage’s has come forward to say that he knows there is now way the 36-year-old took his own life.

Stephen Wozniak claims that Sage had been making plans for the future with him shortly before his demise.

Wozniak stated, “It was absolutely not suicide. I’m certain that this really horrible thing that happened was an accident. It could have been anything – but nothing like suicide. I knew him pretty well.”

“I spoke to him a few weeks ago. We talked about resurrecting a film we worked on, other projects, talked about his girlfriend and time they’d spent together. We talked about my wedding and he seemed to be thinking about it.”

Stephen also addressed Sage’s anxiety and said he took prescription meds and smoked lots of cigarettes, but never abused drugs.

Wozniak said of Sage’s relationship with his famous dad, Sylvester Stallone. He said Sage “had a lot of difficulty with his dad” like most children, but “whether it was with age, or spending more time with his dad during the holidays, [their relationship] became increasingly better. I think they developed a great bond.”

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