Rihanna Suing Ex Accountants For Bilking Her Out Of Millions!


Rihanna has filed a lawsuit against her former accountants, claiming that their mismanagement of her finances cost her millions on her 2010 “Last Girl On Earth” tour.

The Wall Street Journal reports that her accountants were with Berdon LLP, with insiders reporting they screwed her out of tens of millions!

Rihanna’s lawsuit states, “Between 2005 and 2010, Tourihanna suffered significant financial losses due to Defendants’ financial mismanagement and other acts and omissions”.

Tourihanna was the concert touring company created by her accountants for the singer.

RiRi is seeking unspecified damages in her lawsuit, basically claiming her trust was betrayed.

The lawsuit continues, “In 2005, when Fenty (Rihanna’s real last name) was 16 years old, Berdon was hired to provide her with accounting, business and financial management services for all aspects of her rapidly growing music career. Because she was a minor with no knowledge of the music industry or financial matters generally, Fenty placed Berdon in a position of trust and loyalty.”

The two accountants reportedly earned “commissions” based on Rihanna’s earnings, something unusual in the accounting industry.

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