Kate Upton Isn’t A Thinspiration To Pro-Anorexia Website (VIDEO)


Most men and women in the world love Kate Upton’s sexy curves, but a pro-anorexia website has lashed out at the gorgeous model calling her a fatty!

SkinnyGossip has slammed Upton over her “huge thighs, NO waist, and big floppy boobs”.

The website included a photo of Kate in a bikini walking down the catwalk, with the caption, “Guess who?! Yes, it’s the lovely Kate Upton, confidently lumbering up a runway like there’s a buffet at the end of it.

“She looks thick, vulgar, almost pornographic – and she is a solid 30lb too heavy for this outfit”, the anonymous poster adds.

Another poster adds, “Huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, terrible body definition – she looks like a squishy brick. Is this what American women are “striving” for now? The lazy, lardy look?”

Ouch! Kate does have naturally large boobs but do you guys think she’s fat?

Upton was also slammed for her sexy Carl’s Jr. commercial, with the blogger writing, “I thought cannibalism was illegal?!? If that’s not a very different species of cow, Kate could be in legal trouble!”

Kate rose to fame after her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover last year, with many people thrilled to see a curvy woman instead of a stick-thin model for a change.

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