Come On People! Celebrities Have Feelings Too! (VIDEO)


There are quite a few cool things about being a celebrity. They receive tons of free stuff even though they are making gobs of money. Celebs also get to date people much more attractive than they would normally attract in “real life”.

But, there is a definite downside to being in the public eye, especially these days with social networking sites. People hide behind their computers making snide comments they probably wouldn’t be making if they were face-to-face with someone.

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel did a little bit on his late night show with celebrities reading the mean tweets people have written about them.

A few of the stars reading the nasty tweets include Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, James Van Der Beek, and Justin Bieber.

Check out their reactions!

Here’s a few popular celebrities reading the cruel things written about them on Twitter.

Here was the first round in March 2012, which includes Will Ferrell sitting on the toilet!

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