Anthea Turner Kicks Hubby Grant Bovey To The Curb After He Cheated


British TV personality Anthea Turner has split from her husband Grant Bovey after finding out he’d been cheating on her.

Anthea reportedly has received support form her three stepdaughters, Bovey’s children from his ­marriage to ex-wife Della, who were with her when she asked Bovey to leave the home on Friday.

Anthea told the Mirror newspaper, “I’m completely devastated.”

The TV presenter, 52, found out her hubby had been spotted hissing a young lady at a London restaurant.

Grant, 50, admitted a friendship with the woman but denied they were having an affair while Anthea was away working on a Canadian TV show.

Anthea’s friend revealed, “She confronted Grant last week. She told him she wanted to know what was going on. Hee said, ‘You went off to Canada, I met this girl, but she’s just a friend.’

“Anthea didn’t believe him. She had been told by someone she trusted that Grant had been seen out with this girl in London and they looked more than friends. Someone saw them kissing in a restaurant. Anthea is heartbroken. She is not taking phone calls because she can’t help breaking down in tears.”

Grant and Anthea made headlines in 1998 when Grant left his first wife, Della, for Anthea.

The couple married in August 2000.

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