Russell Brand Takes A Liking To Emily Hartridge (VIDEO)


Russell Brand is reportedly trying to romance a British television presenter named Emily Hartridge, who is described as a Katy Perry “lookalike”.

Brand flirted like crazy during his interview with Hartridge to promote his film “Rock of Ages”.

Brand playfully threw a cupcake at the 28-year-old at London’s Dorchester Hotel and reportedly “tried to kiss her”.

The British comedian then “licked” the cake off her arm, before asking an aide to get her phone number. Emily joked about the incident later on Twitter, telling followers, “Got to be a good day when rustyrockets licks your elbow mid interview”.

Sources report Russell and Emily have been texting one another, adding that, “Russell is definitely winning her over.Emily joked they had a love-hate relationship because he hurled food at her. Only Russell could get away with covering someone in cake then licking it off.”

Check out Russell’s interview with Emily:

Emily has denied that anything is going on between them.

She stated, “He’s a really nice guy and really funny but I don’t fancy him. I’m not interested and didn’t give him my number. He’s not my type. I don’t give people my number I don’t fancy.”

Hartridge adds, “He was very flirty. He kept saying you’re so beautiful and all that kind of stuff. It just kind of went from there really. I didn’t really say hardly anything the whole interview. It was just him.”

After the interview, Emily said, “He chased me out of the room after the interview and tried to kiss me in front of everyone. Afterwards his minder came and found me to get my number.”

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