Guess The Celebrity From Childhood Photos (Gallery)


Do you think you are knowledgeable on pop culture and recognizing some of today’s hottest stars?

We have no doubt our readers are very up on their celebrities, but could you identify your favorite celebs in music, television, and the big screen from their childhood photos?

Let’s test your celebrity knowledge to see if you can guess these stars before they grew up and became famous!

1. Who is this cute little girl holding her tiny guitar?

If you guessed the tot was British singer Adele, you are correct!

2. Who is this geeky guy with a face covered in zits?

Believe it or not, that pimple-faced dweeb is Adam Levine, the hot lead singer of Maroon 5 and judge on “The Voice”.

3. Who is this little girl (going through an awkward stage)?

If you guessed “Pretty Woman” star, Julia Roberts, you are correct!

4. We bet you won’t recognize who this little girl grew up to be!

This one tricked us too. It’s Lady Gaga!

5. This photo cracks me up! Can you guess who this nerdy-looking guy is?

This high school photo is of Drake, who looks much cooler these days!

6. This little girl grew up to star with handsome Leonardo DiCaprio in a blockbuster movie:

If you possibly guessed Kate Winslet from “Titanic”, you guessed correctly!

7. This young lady grew up to be popular singer and now a mom to twins!

This young woman is Mariah Carey, who looks quite a bit different after her cosmetic surgery procedures.

8. This adorable red-headed girl is set to play the role of Elizabeth Taylor and has a criminal record:

You wouldn’t guess that darling little girl would grow up to be such a “Mean Girl”. Yep, it’s Lindsay Lohan!

9. We’d never guess this plain-Jane would grow up to be a successful model!

That little lady is none other than supermodel Kate Moss!

10. Now, for our last cutie-pie! Can you guess who this adorable toddler is?

This darling little boy is teen-heartthrob Justin Bieber!

So, how did you guys do?


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