Taltos Twins Claim Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Has Only One Ball (VIDEO)


Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino hooked up with a set of blonde twins from the university of Florida in Florence, Italy while filming “Jersey Shore Season 4”. Now, Brittany Taltos is revealing that Mike is a little short in the ball department.

Brittany Taltos feels the need to extend of 15 minutes of fame as a reality star banger, by revealing private physical information on the “Jersey Shore” star.

Taltos says in a video posted on YouTube, “His name is The Situation because – it’s not his abs, like, it has nothing to do with his abs. ‘The Situation’ is his ball sack. The ‘situation’ is he has one ball.”

Taltos goes on stating, “For the first two weeks that I was hooking up with The Situation, I swear to freaking god that he had one ball.

“I was so excited to come back to America and be like, ‘Listen America, I figured out The Situation, and like, I took one for the frickin’ team!’

“The reason I didn’t tell anybody was because MTV made it clear that if I disclosed anything about the cast or the plot of Jersey Shore that I would be fined three million Euro. I was like, ‘Uhhhhh – Oh sh!t!’ I don’t even have like two dollars in my wallet. I was like frickin’ broke when I was in Italy.

“It’s my discretion and my disclosure to say, or confess, that The Situation sucks in bed. I want to say The Situation sucks. I can say The Situation sucks!”

You can see what else Brittany has to reveal in the clip.

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