Rihanna Is Crushing On “Battleship” Co-Star Alexander Skarsgard


Rihanna, who was recently in the news for hooking up with Demi Moore’s estranged husband Ashton Kutcher, reveals she has a crush on actor Alexander Skarsgard.

The 24-year-old singer said she was “intimidated” by some of her co-stars on “Battleship” but was fascinated by Skarsgard.

Rihanna revealed, “I was completely intimidated by the other actors. But I had a lot of scenes with Taylor Kitsch and he helped me out a lot along the way.

“Alexander Skarsgard is so hot. I had to keep my game face. I could stare at him all day long. I was just watching him on set. He’s very focused and he was really sweet.”

Rihanna realizes she can come off a bit “aggressive” but doesn’t give much thought and tries to just be herself.

The sexy singer told more! magazine, “I don’t set out to look tough; I just think it comes out a lot in the way I dress my body language and the videos I make. I always try and stay true to myself.

“Sometimes I let too much out of the bag, but I always act how I feel.

“Sometimes it can come across as vulnerable and at other times aggressive, but I’m just doing what I feel like. The image comes after.”

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