Jennifer Love Hewitt Horrified Over Giant Image Of Her Boobs (VIDEO)


Jennifer Love Hewitt has admitted her favorite body part is probably her boobs. But, the “Client List” star was a bit freaked out to see them showcased on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.

The actress, 33, was discussing her sexy billboards for “The Client List” when the show’s host surprised her by having a giant section of billboard featuring only her cleavage brought in during her interview.

“No! No!” Hewitt said laughing, as a stage hand placed the giant image of her breasts behind her chair.

Hewitt said, “Seriously, that looks like a horror movie, blown up like that … They look like King Kong’s.”

Kimmel joked with the actress, saying he was going to send the section of the ad to Hewitt’s grandmother in Texas, who evidently hasn’t seen the campaign.

“I’m waiting for that phone call, and I’m hoping it won’t happen,” Jennifer Love stated.

Check out Jennifer Love Hewitt’s reaction on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” here:

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