“Batman” Star Adam West Honored With Walk Of Fame Star (VIDEO)


Actor Adam West was finally recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, almost 50 years since his show originally aired.

West, 83, was thrilled to be awarded the 2,468th star in front of the Guinness World Records Museum.

The original “Batman” was joined by “Family Guy” creator Seth McFarlane. If you aren’t already aware, Adam does the voice for Mayor West on the animated series.

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President Leron Gubler stated,”We are thrilled to honor Adam with this prestigious award. Fans have been waiting for this special day for many years.

“Adam West fired up the billion dollar Batman franchise: the golden years and the classic Batman, the Bright Knight. He deserves his place of honor on our famed Walk of Fame.”

The actor, who was born William West Anderson, started his career as a disc jockey and television host before moving to Hollywood and making his movie debut in “The Young Philadelphians” with Paul Newman in 1959.

West also appeared on “Maverick”, “Bonanza”, and a co-starring role for a season on “The Detectives”.

But the actor then landed the role of “Batman” in the ABC television series.

“Batman has been around for re-runs for 40 years,” West said. “People still think I do it, that I’m still out there fighting crime 24-7.”

Adam went on to voice the cartoon versions of Batman, and is now almost as well known as Mayor Adam West.

“Its almost 50-50,” West said of his fame. “Fortunately, I have every age now. In airports they come up and say, ‘Hey it’s Mayor West.’”

“I grew up in Walla Walla on a ranch – and that was before it became a vineyard and so on,” West deadpanned. “We had wheat and peas and convicts. It was a great place to grow up.

“My dad, the farm life and all that; it gave me a sense of grounding,” West continued. “Once you start believing your own clippings, forget it. This is one of the reasons I go out and do my signings and things. There are a lot of younger people in this business that don’t realize, if they don’t do that (speaking with fans, etc.), their career lasts 10 minutes.

“Mine has gone for 50 years.”

Here’s Adam West’s best moments on “Family Guy”:

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