Scarlett Johansson Cast As Horror Film Victim in “Making Of Psycho”


Scarlett Johansson will be taking on the role previously played by Janet Leigh in the new Hitchcock biopic entitled “Making of Psycho”.

The actress will take part in the infamous shower scene at the Bates Motel in the popular horror film “Psycho”.

The film will be directed by Sacha Gervasi and will focus on the life of director Alfred Hitchcock, who will be played by Anthony Hopkins.

The movie will show what happened behind the scenes during the making of “Psycho”.

Helen Mirren is set to play Hitchcock’s wife Alma and actor James D’Arcy will play the role of Anthony Perkins.

Sources are speculating this role might garner Johansson an Oscar nomination next year, much like Michelle Williams’ portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in “My Week With Marilyn” this year.

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