Fergie Hints At Baby Plans While Black-Eyed-Peas Take Break


Black-Eyed-Peas star Stacey Ferguson, aka Fergie, hinted at plans to have a baby this year with her husband of three years, actor Josh Duhamel.

“Maybe, who knows?” Fergie, 36, said about the possibility of baby-making this year while she is taking time off from her music career. Adding, “We’ll see”.

Fergie is ready to spend some quality time with her husband, Josh Duhamel, 39, watching sports and relaxing.

“I want to spend time with my husband, watch football, watch basketball,” the singer said. “I’m going where the day takes me – having days where I have no schedule. That’s going to be nice and refreshing for me … a definite change.”

Fergie also wants to do other domestic goddess duties, including redecorating her home.

The singer also said, “I’m looking forward to being home and not having to sleep in a different city or country every night.”

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