Christina Aguilera Performs At Etta James’ Funeral With Fluid Dripping Down Legs (VIDEO)


Christina Aguilera performed at the funeral of Etta James, who just passed away last week of leukemia, but it was her cleavage-baring ensemble and mystery juice that ran down her legs that stole the show!

Hundreds gathered at the Greater Bethany Community Church City of Refuge in Gardena, California yesterday to mourn the passing of the legendary singer.

Christina Aguilera performed the song “At Last” in memory of the singer but appeared to have sprung some sort of leak! WTF?

Check out the video after the bump!

As Christina steps up on stage, she is already having the strange liquid run down her thighs. She appears to try and wipe it from her left leg in the first part of the video.

If we were guessing, we’d say she is nervous and sweating in her fat little thighs. The sweat seems to be trickling down her leg, mixed with her bronzer.

Or did she pee herself?

See for yourself and weigh in with your thoughts?

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Images: youtube/news


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