Casper Smart Defends His Fling With Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez’s new boyfriend has lashed out at people that are criticizing his relationship with the singer.

J-Lo and Casper Smart have been dating since her split from husband Marc Anthony, even spending Thanksgiving together in Hawaii.

Casper wrote on Twitter, “I don’t understand how people can speak on other people or things they know nothing of??!!! #CRAZY. Off to Morocco!!!! (sic)”

A friend of the 24-year-old back-up dancer Casper reveals their relationship is mainly physical.

The pal tattles, “Casper said J.Lo has an amazing body and she’s in better shape than any other girl he’s ever been with. He said she’s got the body of a 20-year-old. They’re inseparable right now.

“It’s just about sex – and no one’s sure if it has much of a future. But he’s having a good time finding out.”

Casper was spotted with Jennifer and her three-year-old twins Max and Emme at a dance studio in Los Angeles earlier this week, where they were photographed kissing and hugging.

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