Jonah Hill Drops 40 Pounds & His Girlfriend!


“Moneyball” actor Jonah Hill has reportedly split from his longtime girlfriend, Jordan Klein.

Jordan and Jonah have known each other for over ten years after attending Crossroads High School together. The couple have dated since 2008.

Their circle of friends are reportedly shocked! They believed the couple would be walking down the aisle one day.

A source told Life & Style: “They decided to break up, although everyone thought these two would be heading toward marriage.”

So, what happened to cause Hill and Klein to split?

Could the split be caused by Jonah’s career taking off? The actor has become very successful in the past couple of years as a comedic actor, landing roles in major movies recently.

Or was it Jonah‘s weight loss that prompted a change in his love life as well?

You can’t help but notice Jonah’s dramatic weight loss. The actor has dropped over 40 pounds and looks like a completely different person.

Jonah has not yet issued a statement about his split from his girlfriend of three years. It looks like for now we’ll have to guess the reasons for the break-up.

Here’s a video of Jonah talking about filming “Moneyball” with Brad Pitt and the crazy pranks he pulled on him:

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