The “Vanilla Gorilla” Can’t Be Caged Ladies!



Did Jesse James cheat on Kat Von D, causing their final break-up?

Kat Von D may have been the bigger person and not spilled the grimy details, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out kids!

Jesse James is known for being a huge womanizer. Hell, he had not just one but around 7 mistresses while married to actress Sandra Bullock.

One of Jesse’s more outspoken ladies, Michelle Bombshell McGee, nicknamed the motorcycle enthusiast “Vanilla Gorilla” for his big…let’s say…”personality”.

Jesse began dating tattoo artist and reality star Kat Von D and they seemed totally in love! The cute, tatted-up couple soon announced their engagement.

But suddenly things came to a halt and the wedding was called off. Cold feet? Or Jesse’s philandering ways?

An unidentified, scorned woman has come forward talking about her affair with the motorcycle enthusiast on the website

Let’s check out what she had to say!

Jesse James, 42, is now facing claims he also cheated on Kat Von D, who announced they have split for a second time this weekend.

A woman has come forward claiming she dated James while he and Kat, 29, were “on a break” and bashed him on the website after learning he had gotten back with Kat.

Here’s what the woman, who called herself LisaJa, had to say:

I’m not even sure why the media ran the story about you and Kat breaking up again, it’s no big surprise. She’s smarter than most people give her credit for and the fact of the matter is that you’re a cheater, it’s in your DNA. You can’t stay faithful because you hate yourself, therefor you secretly hate everyone else in your life. That’s why you treat women like shit.

Why don’t you finally be a man and tell everyone why Kat dumped you this time? Is it because you lied to her and said that you didn’t see anyone while you two were “on a break.” How did she find out about me Jesse? I know you didn’t tell her, and I didn’t say anything because I didn’t even know that you two got back together until the entire world found out.

You’re beyond an asshole, you’re a sick predator who doesn’t respect women. I’m no saint either but at least I knew that it was over with my husband before spending a second of my time with you. I’m disgusted with myself more than I am with you, I should have known better. Any man who spends every second on his phone texting is up to no good. Ironic how you spend so much time on your phone but won’t return any of my texts or emails. I bet I have your attention now don’t I?

Oh by the way, thanks for the parting gift you left me…..that’s the ONLY REASON why I’m not telling the world exactly who I am but you most certainly know. D*ck.

Wow! This lady is not happy she got played by the notorious Jesse James.  But we are so curious, what did she mean by parting gift?  Did Jesse give her an STD or knock her up?

She also supplied this email “proof” of her correspondence with Jesse.  It is interesting to note that the person’s email begins with “Panhead”, which is the name of a type of Harley Davidson engine: (Graphic & Foul Language)

Kat and Jesse did split the first time around the end of July, reuniting for the second time in mid-August.

We have to give Kat props for being bright enough to run away from this loser!

An inside source close to Kat and Jesse reveals, “They are done, through and through finished, split, game over.”

As the old adage says,  “A leopard doesn’t change its spots”…and we’re guessing neither does a vanilla gorilla!

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