“Road Trip” Actor DJ Qualls Attacked By Cops?


Actor DJ Qualls is accusing a police officer of attacking him on Friday night in Canada as he attempted to help identify a man that had was hitting a woman. But instead of a “thank you”, the actor says he received a beat down by the officer.

Qualls claims he spotted a man hitting a woman and was attempting to help identify the man to an officer.

He claims the cop told him that if he “didn’t shut up” he would be arrested. Qualls said he asked the officer why and was tackled to the ground.

DJ had to seek medical attention for a cut on his chin, later tweeting about the incident.

The actor tweeted, “Just got out out of the ER (emergency room), Was beaten by a Vancouver Police Officer for no reason. Got stitches and released.

“Was not arrested b/c (because I) was innocent. I was handcuffed and bleeding while the cop kept saying to me, ‘you think youre (sic) f**king better than me?’

“(The cop) taunted me for a half-hour before the ambulance came. I was held, no calls, no attorney. and I had to pay an $800 Er bill. Free health care, Canada?”

Qualls is planning to file a complaint and wants an apology from the cop.

The actor said, “I demand an apology from Officer Brian Trklja @VancouverPD & full reimbursment (sic) of my Hospital bills. Calling internal affairs in the AM (morning).”

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