Rose McGowan Asked $5 Million To Shave Off Eyebrows For Film


Rose McGowan demanded $5 million to shave her eyebrows and to shave back her hairline for her role in “Conan”.

Rose, 37, revealed that she would only shave her eyebrows and hairline back if the price was right.   McGowan plays the role of evil sorceress Marique in the new movie.

Rose stated, “The studio asked if I would shave my eyebrows and my hairline back to here, and I thought, sure, if you give me $5 million.”

But of course the studio refused her big request, which forced Rose to sit in the make-up chair for hours while they slicked her hair back and used a prosthetic piece.

The actress said,  “I sat from about two in the morning till around 7.30 in the morning.”

Rose, who was in a car accident in 2007, said she’s had to turn down movie roles because of her arm injury. The actress revealed, “I had a really severe injury which left me basically paralyzed in the right arm.

“I had three surgeries on it and I was told if I hurt myself again the doctors won’t be able to do anything more for me. With things like the remake of ‘Red Sonja’ which I was due to do, I would be using my arms a lot so I can’t do it. I used to be able to lift 20lbs. Now I can only lift 3lbs.”

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