Marion Cotillard Stalker Threatens To Kill Her!


French actress Marion Cotillard was the target of some very disturbing messages from a “fan” named Theresa Yuan.

Yuan was arrested on Thursday and released the following day on $50,000 bail.

In one scary message, Teresa said she wants to play Russian Roulette with the actress. In another, the nutcase said, “The guilt and sorrow I feel now, I won’t feel after it happens. After it happens I’ll feel no regrets whatsoever … that’s apparently how it feels to be a killer, to be a murderer”.

The FBI was alerted in April by the administrator of the Marion Cotillard fan website that Teresa Yuan had sent them several scary emails and videos.

In July, Yuan said she knew the Cotillard’s travel schedule and that she would travel to meet up with her.

“I can be very calm and respectful and kind, but then you push me too far or back me in a corner and this is how I feel,” Yuan stated in a video as she growled and hissed.  WTF?

Marion’s stalker is facing a charge of interstate stalking. As part of the court order, she must stay away from Cotillard, who is currently shooting Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman movie in Pittsburgh.

Marion welcomed a son named Marcel with partner Guillaume Canet in May 2011.

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