Sarah Aspin Says BF Blake Fielder-Civil & Amy Winehouse Were “Soul Mates”



The late Amy Winehouse and ex Blake Fielder-Civil shared a passionate but self-destructive relationship, with Blake’s current girlfriend and baby-mama, Sarah Aspin, admitting she feels they were soul mates.

Sarah Aspin, who is the mother to Blake Fielder-Civil’s 9-week-old son, reveals Blake is totally “devastated and shattered” by the news of his ex-wife’s death.

“He just can’t take it that she’s dead and he’ll never see her again.”

“Blake rang me Saturday after the prison authorities told him she’d died,” Aspin told The Sun. “I just couldn’t console him. He was in total shock.”

Sarah Aspin called Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse “soul mates,” adding that “they couldn’t live with each other, and they couldn’t live without each other.”

“It’s hard for me knowing he still loved her, but I do understand.”

Video slideshow of Amy Winehouse & Blake:

The former couple had a volatile, drug-fueled relationship, leaving Blake feeling responsible for Winehouse’s drug use.

In 2008, Fielder-Civil told News of the World, “I made the biggest mistake of my life by taking heroin in front of her. I introduced her to heroin, crack cocaine and self-harming. I feel more than guilty.”

Here’s Blake saying he felt he got Amy Winehouse hooked on drugs two years ago:

When Blake learned Amy’s, he collapsed in his jail cell and was placed on suicide watch.

Blake’s father, Larry Fielder stated that Blake knew of Amy’s continuing addiction and how he had plans to “save her.”

Amy and Blake have both admitted it was a toxic relationship, with Winehouse stating Blake was the “male version” of herself.   They divorced in August 2009 after two years of marriage.

Blake, who is currently serving a 32-month sentence for burglary and possession of a fake gun, told The Sun: “I’m beyond inconsolable”¦my tears will never dry.”

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