Bad Celebrity Boob Jobs (Photo Gallery)


The women of Hollywood are under lots of pressure to look their best, both on-and-off camera.   Many of today’s actresses have gone under the knife to have breast augmentation surgery. But even with the best plastic surgeon, celebrities can be left with jacked-up tittays. Check out our gallery of the worst celebrity breast augmentations!

A boob job is one of the most common cosmetic surgery in the world these days, especially in the acting world.

Some of our favorite stars have chosen to augment what the good Lord gave them, but sometimes with less-than-stellar results.

Celebrities have access to the most skilled plastic surgeons but even these talented doctors can only work with what the patient already has…if you have crazy cock-eyed small breasts, you’ll end up with larger cock-eyed boobs.   So some of the fault of a bad boob job lies in the patients’ anatomy and not just a bad doctor.

Check out our gallery of some of the worst celebrity boob jobs:

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