WTH? Is There No Love For Jennifer Love Hewitt?


Jennifer Love Hewitt can’t seem to keep a man.   The actress recently split from actor/director Alex Beh.   What’s up with that?

The gorgeous “Ghost Whisperer” actress and actor Alex Beh have called it quits after dating for only a year.

Is there something terribly wrong with Jennifer Love Hewitt?   She can’t seem to keep a guy for over a year!

Jennifer is attractive, seems down-to-earth, and has natural big boobies so what’s not to love?

The actress’ rep revealed, “They haven’t been dating for a little while.”

Jennifer’s pal also confirmed their split, saying she is “doing well”.

Love-Hewitt has been linked romantically to Alex Beh, Jamie Kennedy, director John Asher, singer John Mayer, TV host Carson Daly and actor Ross McCall.

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