WTF? “Adult Baby” Stanley Thornton (Video)



National Geographic did a “Taboo” special and documented Stanley Thornton as he lives his life at home as a baby, complete with onesie, crib, and baby bottles.   Check out the video of this adult baby.   Crazy!

Stanley is a 29-year-old man who goes to work in normal clothes just like us all.   But once he is off work, he goes home where he lives like an infant.

Thornton gets into his diaper and one-piece pajamas and sleeps in a giant crib.

Stanley’s strange lifestyle is called infantilism, which basically means he likes to be treated like a baby.

One of the more peculiar aspects is that his roommate plays the role of his mother, even feeding him is bottles.   We are surprised baby Stanley doesn’t want to breastfeed off his “mommy”.

Stanley tries to explain his strange fetish, stating,   “I like to play or be treated as a baby to get the love and affection and safeness. For some people it’s a sexual thing but for most of us we’re doing it to relax. You come home from work and you change into baby mode. You put away your adult stuff and that life gets put on hold.”

Thornton realized his strange obsession at the age of 14 and was very confused by his thoughts. But now he has found others who share his strange passion and is comfortable with his lifestyle.

Here’s the video of Stanley…seriously wth?

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