Will Ferrell Makes Good On Threat & Shave’s Conan’s Beard (Video)


Actor Will Ferrell has taken issue with Conan O’Brien’s beard and has been threatening to shave him for a while now.   But last night beardpocalypse finally arrived!   Check out the hilarious video of Conan and Will Ferrell!

Will Ferrell has been wanting to get his hands and clippers on Conan O’Brien’s ginger beard for some time now.   After many threats, the actor made an appearance on Monday night’s show and pretty much mangled O’Brien’s beard.

Ferrell interrupted the interview and had the barber’s setup brought onto the stage, complete with barber’s pole and even 1970 era “Playboy” magazines for reading material.   Ferrell joked that the talk show host would find nothing shaved in those Playboys.

“Do you have expertise in this?” O’Brien asked before his grooming.

“I’ve only shaved dogs before,” Ferrell said.

Conan’s beard looked pretty nasty but a barber finished off the trim during a break.

Ferrell took a good look at O’Brien’s freshly shaven face and replied, “I made a terrible mistake.”

Here’s Will Ferrell shaving Conan:

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Images: wenn.com


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