Two-Headed Baby Born In China (Photos/Video)



A Chinese woman has given birth to conjoined twin baby girls that share a single body. You can learn more about the conjoined twins in the video below.

The Siamese twin newborns were born via cesarean section last week, weighing in at 9 lbs and measured 20 inches long.

The birth of these baby girls reminds us of the Hensel twins, Abby and Brittany.

“The doctor said they are in critical condition,” father Liao Guojun told CNN. “The girls suffer from more than 10 illnesses right now and their chance for survival is very low.”

Liao, who said they are currently calling the babies “Left sister” and “Right sister”, talks about the joy the babies have brought to their lives.

“They cry at the same time, they sleep at the same time and they wake up together, and sometimes their hands wiggle in the air, grabbing for each other’s hand,” he said. “It’s very cute.”

The baby girl twins share one trunk, one pelvis, one spleen, one gallbladder and one reproductive system. The x-rays show they have two spines, two esophagi, two stomachs, two sets of lungs and two separate nervous systems.

“The girls are different than the other children because they have two heads,” the father of the twins said. “Their health conditions are poor. (But) we hope that since they were born to us, in this world, that they can live their lives as they were meant to do.”

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