Tom Sizemore Questioned By Cops About Missing Woman


Actor Tom Sizemore, 46, has been questioned by the Los Angeles police department over a missing woman, who was rumored to be his girlfriend.

Tom Sizemore, who has had a history of drug abuse, was asked by the LAPD about a missing woman named Megan Lacy Wren, 25.

Detective Carmine Sasso, who is working on Megan’s missing persons case, stated, “I spoke to Tom Sizemore on the phone, and he has been cooperative.”

Megan Wren, an actress, has been missing since March 31.   She was last seen at about 3 p.m. near the Rampart area of Los Angeles.   Sources claim that is not a nice area and she may have been buying drugs.

Sizemore had been living with Megan for six months before she disappeared.

One of Wren’s family members said she “sounded like she was in a bad place” right before she went missing.

Megan’s family told police they are “very concerned about her unexplained disappearance, especially given the fact that she has a serious medical condition, and is in need of medical care.”

The LAPD describes Megan Wren as having brown hair and brown eyes and she is 5′ 1″ tall, weighing 110 pounds.

Tom Sizemore’s rep, Charles Lago, has claimed that Megan was just a friend of the actor’s and not his girlfriend.

Lago also stated that Sizemore has been helping police with the investigation and is not considered a suspect in the case.

Sizemore’s rep said, “The girl is not his girlfriend, never was his girlfriend; it’s a girl he knows. It’s a friend of his… She’s just a girl he knew through someone else.

“The day she went missing on the 31st, Tom was on a movie set four days prior to that and a week after that, and police confirmed that. And he stayed in a hotel and he wasn’t even home.

“Tom is not a suspect at all. Tom did speak to the police, he offered for them to come search his apartment and they declined saying it wasn’t necessary.”

We all know Tom Sizemore from his tumultuous relationship with former madam Heidi Fleiss and his drug-ridden past, but is he a murderer?

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