Sexy Olivia Wilde On Cover Of Glamour Mag


Olivia Wilde is on the cover of Glamour magazine’s June edition.  In her interview, Olivia talks about her recent divorce and how staying in a bad relationship is really a huge tragedy for anyone.  Olivia got married at the age of 18, to Tao Ruspoli and divorced him at age 27.  Follow the jump for more on Olivia Wilde and her stunning photos from Glamour.

In talking about her divorce, Olivia mentions:

“The mark of a good marriage is partnership and continuing to feel inspired by your spouse. I had that with Tao,” she said. “But the end is not necessarily the tragedy. Staying in a relationship that is no longer working is the tragedy. Living unhappily””that’s the tragedy.”

According to Olivia, almost all of her friends and family were very against her getting married at such a young age but she passed it off. She now agrees with them! It’s probably not healthy to take much advice from us @ SCelebs but I’d have to agree, 18 is generally way too young to put a ring on it!

For more on Olivia’s article and divorce, jump over to Glamour magazine’s website or get yourself a copy!

I can’t get the TRON: Legacy soundtrack out of my head every time I see or hear about Olivia, does anyone else have that problem?


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