Interview With Fast Five Stunt Coordinator Jack Gill


We recently had the chance to speak with Fast Five Stunt Coordinator Jack Gill, who’s a highly renowned stunt man in the film Industry.  Wondering how they pulled off all of those crazy stunts in Fast Five? Check out our interview with Jack below.


Hey Jack,  Here is a question that thousands of women seem to be asking – why was The Rock sweating so much in every movie scene?

[Jack Gill] We were shooting in Puerto Rico in the summer and it was almost 100% humidity and the temperature was 95 degrees.


I know you’ve been a stunt coordinator for a lot of movies, tell me- is Fast Five one of your favorites so far?

[Jack Gill] Definitely my favorite.


The question that everyone wants to ask – How did you guys pull off the vault scene? That has got to be one of the most insane action clips I have seen in a long time. Was that a real vault or just special effects? I can’t figure out how those chargers even got it to move without blowing out their tires.

[Jack Gill] It was a REAL Vault. We built 7 different vaults. Each one had a specific task it was designed for. The heaviest sliding vault was almost 10 tons. I added a heavy duty plastic (Delron) to the bottom of the vault to make it slide easier on the street. We also installed wider tires with more rubber on the ground and some of the black Chargers had 4 wheel drive.


Did the actors do any of their own stunts or were most of action scenes filmed with stunt doubles?

[Jack Gill] The actors do as many stunts as they can, or are allowed, and the stunt doubles do the rest.


So many movies now are nearly all special effects, tell me – how much of Fast Five was actual driving and how much was CGI?

[Jack Gill] Fast 5 was almost 95% real driving and crashing. That was our whole idea behind the action. Our director (Justin Lin) insisted it all be real, and I agreed.

Jack, I hope they use you again in the next fast and furious movie, you did an excellent job!  Maybe next time though they can partner with ford so we see some raptors out there!

Thanks for doing the interview with us.

If you guys haven’t seen Fast Five yet, its a must see!  Definitely the best one in the series so far.  Check out the trailer below



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