Paris Hilton Takes A Cheap Shot At Lindsay Lohan


Paris Hilton dealt a low blow to her former pal Lindsay Lohan on the socialite’s new reality television show.

Lindsay Lohan was recently given a 120 day sentence in the slammer along with 400 hours of community service after pleading not guilty to the alleged theft of a $2500 necklace in January.

And now Paris Hilton has taken a jibe at Lindsay in her new show “The World According to Paris” after a homeless woman mistook her for Lohan.

The socialite had given a pair of earrings to the woman at the homeless shelter when the unidentified woman stated, “I’m going to give them to my sister as soon as I get back to Oklahoma and I’m going to tell them that Lindsay (gave them to me)… I thought you were supposed to be in rehab?”

Paris Hilton snidely remarked,   “I’m not Lindsay!”, and added, “If I were Lindsay I’d be stealing the earrings, not giving them away.”

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