Nick Cannon Tweets Joy Over Birth Of Twins


Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon are thrilled to be parents of a boy and girl, who were born on Saturday.   Read the sweet things Nick had to say about their babies!

Nick Cannon has tweeted about his “incredible” anniversary gift after his boy and girl twins were born on his fourth wedding anniversary.

“My wife just gave me the most incredible anniversary gift ever in life!” Cannon Tweeted on Saturday.

Cannon worries about his upcoming anniversary celebrations ever living up to this experience, joking, “I won’t ever be able to top this!”

On Sunday, Nick stated, “I’m in the happiest place I’ve ever been in my life. I never had more amazing things happening. I am humbled by God’s Favor!”

The couple rushed to the hospital in their Rolls Royce Phantom Saturday morning, welcoming their son and daughter as Mariah’s song “We Belong Together” played in the background.

Mariah’s baby girl was born first and weighed 5 pounds, 3 ounces, measuring 18 inches long and the baby boy weighed 5 pounds 6 ounces, and was 19 inches long. The couple have not revealed their baby names yet.

Mariah Carey’s celebrity friends have chimed in to congratulate the couple on their babies.

Nicki Minaj tweeted, “Congratulations Mariah & Nick!!!!!!!!! The twins have finally landed on earth!!! Yaaayyyyy!!!!!”

Katy Perry adds, “I hope that Hello Kitty room is BEYOND!”

Carey’s rep Cindi Berger was asked if the couple planned for the twins’ birth to coincide with their anniversary but Berger stated, “No, not even Mariah could plan that.”

“I spoke to both of them,” Berger added, “and they are both completely overjoyed.”

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