Missing Woman Linked To Actor Tom Sizemore Found


Megan Lacey Wren has been reported missing since the end of March, but was found alive and well.

The LAPD had questioned actor Tom Sizemore because Megan Wren, 25, was rumored to be his live-in girlfriend.

Wren was found in a home near downtown Los Angeles but no details on the reason for her disappearance was released.

Tom’s rep explains the actor was not linked to the missing woman, but was just a neighbor.

“This woman was just his neighbor who lived his building. She was not a girlfriend of Tom,” Charles Lago, Sizemore’s publicist stated. “She was a girl who lived in his building who no longer lives there. She’s not an assistant, she’s not a girlfriend, she was no one that had anything to do with him.”

Tom Sizemore did release a statement regarding her being found.

“I am relived and happy Megan is safe and sound. It is unfortunate that she did not come forward immediately as this has caused me a lot of concern. However, I am pleased no harm has come to Megan and I wish her and her family the best and I am putting this matter behind me,” Sizemore said.

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