Ke$ha Talks “Lady Boners” & Glitter On Conan (VIDEO)


Singer Kesha appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show and talked about her love of glitter and beards. Check out Kesha’s interview on Conan here!

Conan O’Brien asked the quirky singer Kesha about her use of glitter during performances and she explained, “I feel like glitter makes everything more beautiful.”

The singer then proceeded to whip out her glitter gun and covered Conan and his side-kick Andy Richter in sparkles.   Richter joked, “I wonder how you manage to keep a cleaning lady!”

Kesha also touched on her love of beards, saying she was a bit disappointed that Conan shaved off his ginger beard.

“I love putting beards on my face and in my mouth and touching it,” Kesha said.

Conan whipped out a fake beard as Kesha proceeded to nuzzle it, stating, “It tastes like Febreeze.”

The singer also talked about her really strange fetish of quarters, explaining to Conan,   “I was doing laundry one day. I had a lot of laundry and I had a big bag of quarters “¦ I was just running my fingers through them and they were jingling and touching each other and I got a lady boner.”

Conan pulled out a large ziplock bag full of quarters, saying, “I just want to see what a lady boner looks like.”

Check out Kesha on Conan’s show here:

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