Exclusive: Stupid Celebrities at Krush Groove 2011


KDay threw down a good old fashioned hip-hop house party at the Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City Friday night. The fans were all hyped up for a good time and for many, it was their first Krush Groove concert. The most anticipated artist was the headliner Too Short. Ja Rule was a no show. Boo! Krush Groove 2011 was definitely a throw back to old school hip-hop. They even had two low-riders on stage sandwiching a DJ turntable. But backstage was a different story — it was like a West Coast reunion! Sorry, no East Coast artists. And what’s a hip-hop concert without Mary Jane?! There was plenty of that circulating around. Ah, the aromatic smell of weed. Classic.

Suga Free kicked off the show, bringing the crowd to its feet. Suga Free fans are one loyal bunch, hailing from SoCal. He’s well known for his unorthodox flow, rapping at an incredible speed.

Tha Alkaholiks followed, hyping up the crowd and spraying down the fans with their drinks. Tha Liks, as they’re also known, have been around since the early 1990s. Tha Alkaholiks have produced funky upbeat, hedonism-themed party music with a hardcore hip-hop edge.

1st Generation was the next group to roll up on stage. They’re working on their debut album, “Sharks N The Water.” The crowd by this time was intoxicated with the beats, throwing their arms up in the air and holding their drinks in the other hand. Even Kendra Wilkinson was spotted on stage throwing it down with her arm up in the air swaying to the music.

Up next on the lineup was Digital Underground. Shock-G brought back the Humpty Hump song! Shock-G was decked out in a patched up pair of pants commemorating all his tours, even a Tupac Shakur patch. May he rest in peace. Shock-G is such a laid back guy. If you’re a hardcore fan, you can catch him shopping at the Amoeba store in Hollywood!

KDay surprised the fans with a special guest, it was none other than Warren G! The crowd erupted with excitement, screaming and partying it up. Xzibit was up next, bursting onto stage with so much energy it reverberated throughout the amphitheater! Rumors are flying that Xzibit may be working on a TV show. But he says he hasn’t heard anything about it. He’s about to drop his album this summer. Stay tuned! After Xzibit’s amazing performance, the fans were now ready for the headliner, Too Short! He stumbled onto the stage with a drink in his hand, throwing out profanity and sexual innuendos. Fans were eating it up!

Here’s a special shout out to Elvira for hooking Stupid Celebrities up!

Check out the pics below of Stupid Celebrities writer Jenn posing with the artists.


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