Cracked-Out Whitney Houston In Rehab Again


Troubled singer Whitney Houston is reportedly back on crack and is seeking treatment, which comes before she was to return to star in movie sequel “Waiting To Exhale”.

Whitney Houston has returned to her dirty habit of smoking crack while traveling on her worldwide comeback tour.

Houston was reportedly seen snorting cocaine with her ex-husband Bobby Brown at an LA bar last month, according to a source.

“I saw her pull a plastic bag out, put a folded bill to her nose and discreetly snort a line from it, of what to me certainly looked like cocaine,” an onlooker revealed. “She’s extremely thin and looks like a disaster.”

Radar Online reports the singer has her former husband Bobby Brown worried that “she might not pull through.”

“Whitney is doing crack again,” a source said of the 47-year-old singer.”It’s the worst it’s ever been. Whitney went on tour again, and that’s when the relapse occurred.”

Bobby Brown, 42, has also told friends that Houston, 47, has isolated herself.

“Whitney’s shutting a lot of people out of her life,” the source said. “It is a dire situation.”

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