Chelsea Charms “Woman With World’s Largest Boobs” (VIDEO)


Chelsea Charms appeared on ITV in Britain’s “This Morning” show, shocking viewers with her 164XXX size breasts! Check out the woman with the “world’s largest breasts” in the video here.

Now we like big boobies but this is freaking ridiculous!

An exotic dancer named Chelsea Charms appeared on a morning show in Britain on Thursday, showing off her huge 164 XXX breasts, which weigh over 50 pounds!

Charms told the television hosts of “This Morning” about how she went from her original breast size of a D-Cup with several operations.

The stripper used a now-banned procedure sometimes called string or polypropylene breast implants, that allow implants to absorb fluids and they continue to expand, resulting in her huge knockers!

Chelsea said her bust size is now 164XXX, with each implant weighing around 25 pounds.

The exotic dancer has named her breasts “Itsy and Bitsy” and said her enormous jugs have made her a nice living.

Maxi Mounds currently holds the Guinness Record for having the world’s biggest breasts, but we think Chelsea Charms will take the crown!

This woman’s boobs make Sheyla Hershey’s look small!

Here’s Chelsea Charms on “This Morning”:

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