Andy Dick Arrested Again…Drunk & Obnoxious


Talk about a class act!   Comedian Andy Dick was arrested last night in California.

Andy Dick, a former “Celebrity Rehab” star, was apparently being his normal drunken-mess self at an eatery in Temecula, California on Monday evening.

Cops determined the star was under the influence of alcohol or drugs…or maybe both.

Police arrested the comedian and he was booked at around 10 p.m.   Dick was released on $500 bail.

This isn’t the first nor will it be the last time that Andy Dick has acted out of sorts.

Dick recently appeared at Portland’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival, where he asked for drugs such as cocaine and marijuana before his show.

Later that night, Andy Dick took to the stage all messed up, wearing women’s clothes and exposing himself to the audience.

Sources even claim that Dick dropped bags of drugs on the stage as he performed.   Classy!

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