Vince Neil Charged With Domestic Violence & Disorderly Conduct


Rocker Vince Neil has been charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct for hitting his ex-girlfriend Alicia Jacobs in the chest with his finger.

Vince Neil reportedly attacked his ex-girlfriend Alicia Jacobs in Last Vegas last month, according to newly released court documents.

The documents filed against Vince Neil accuse him of “forcing his way into the Shimmer lounge at the Las Vegas Hilton while a performance was occurring” and then he allegedly “poked three people with his right index finger … each time stating the words, f**k you”.

Neil’s former girlfriend Alicia Jacobs told police that she was “forcefully poked in her right shoulder blade”. The two other people involved in the incident were journalist John Katsilometes and Wayne Newton’s sister-in-law Patricia Mccrone.

Vince Neil, 50,   is likely to face a heavy penalty if found guilty of the new charges because he is currently on probation for his DUI conviction last year.

The rocker is due in court on May 2.

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