Tom Arnold Talks About His Low Sperm Count..TMI!


Tom Arnold and his fourth wife are seeing fertility specialists to be able to conceive a baby, due to Arnold’s low sperm count.

Comedian and actor Tom Arnold wed Ashley Groussmanm, his fourth wife, in 2009 and they want to have a family together.   The problem is reportedly his low sperm count.

But Arnold, now 52, had his sperm frozen 15 years ago and are seeing specialists to help them conceive a child.

The actor told PopEater, “I had some (sperm) frozen 15 years ago that we brought out. We’re in the process of this now. We’ve decided it’s going to happen 100 per cent; we’re going to have children no matter how it happens. I’m not going to let my low sperm count derail Ashley’s dreams of being a mother and mine too. We will make it happen.”

Although Arnold has had three marriages that failed, he feels his current wife Ashley is the one for him.

He adds, “I’ve learned a lot. I know Ashley is different from anyone I’ve ever met… When I think about it (the divorces) now I’m horrified. How could I have wasted so much money, and time and energy? Divorce is just brutally painful and I went through it and then I did it again and then I did it again. The thing is, I know it sounds like a cliche but if I hadn’t have gone through all that I wouldn’t have met Ashley. But this is it.”

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