“Starsky & Hutch” Star Paul Michael Glaser Has A Crazy Stalker



“Starsky And Hutch” star Paul Michael Glaser has requested a restraining order against a woman he claims is stalking him.

Actor Paul Michael Glaser, who played Detective David Starsky in the 1970’s police series, filed documents at Los Angeles County Superior Court last week, claiming a woman that previously ran his website is obsessed with him.

Glaser claims the woman, who was not identified, has sent him more than 500 emails in the last two years in which she exhibits “both a rational and very irrational side”.

The woman was also said to be “lurking” near his apartment.

Glaser, 68, has asked the judge to issue a restraining order, banning the woman from coming within 200 yards of him.

In the legal documents, the actor states, “I am about to start a tour with my book, and given (the woman’s) behavior, I fear for my safety.”

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