Sexy Reporter Has A Snotty Nose On Live TV (VIDEO)



A beautiful reporter named Saphia Khambalia was reporting after Charlie Sheen’s show in Toronto, Canada when the cold weather got the best of her nose.   Check out the disgustingly hilarious video below!

Entertainment reporter Saphia Khambalia was filming live outside the Massey Hall theater in Toronto, Canada where Charlie Sheen had just finished a performance of his “Violent Torpedo Of Truth Tour.”

The poor woman tried to be professional as snot ran out of her nose during the broadcast.   Saphia turned her head and managed to wipe some of the nasal drip on her hair, only to have more pour out.

At the end of the video, you see the pretty reporter try to lower her head and hide the snot only to have it pour out on the microphone.

Check out the embarrassing video here:


Image: Youtube


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