Sara Evans’ Ex Claims Their Kids Are Surrounded With Drug Use


Country star Sara Evans’ ex-husband, Craig Schelske, has filed for joint custody of their children, claiming the singer surrounds the kids with drugs and alcohol while on tour.

Sara Evans, who is currently married to Jay Barker, is battling her ex-husband Craig Schelske for joint custody of their three children.

In legal documents filed on Wednesday, Schelske requests shared custody in order to “protect the children from the likelihood of substantial harm” during Sara’s upcoming tour.

Evans’ ex said he has been on tour with her before and “has first-hand knowledge that the children are exposed to inappropriate conduct, spend little time with Evans], and are placed in a party atmosphere with excessive drinking and drug use.”

Craig even went so far as to say the country singer, “encouraged and condoned underage drinking.”

Sara Evans currently has full custody of the children and will leave out on tour in around a month.

Craig Schelske and Sara Evans’ divorce and custody war has been ugly, with Sara claiming Craig had a porn addiction.

Wow!   This could get interesting!

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