Pregnant Skank Angelina Pivarnick Dumped By Fiance For Cheating


Angelina Pivarnick is no longer engaged to David Kovacs, after he discovered she had been cheating on him.   So is she even pregnant with his child?

“Jersey Shore” star Angelina Pivarnick announced she was pregnant on Wednesday, but apparently she’ll be raising the child alone after being dumped by fiance David Kovacs.

Kovacs recently discovered that Angelina had cheated on him with a fireman.

Pivarnick’s former fiance revealed, “I’m going through a really tough time right now. I have ended things with Angelina. I got a text from a firefighter who actually apologized for sleeping with Angelina saying he just found out she was engaged. I actually found a pair of guy’s underwear in her car.

“I truly fell in love with this girl and wanted to have a family and grow old with her.”

Kovacs proposed to Pivarnick in February 2011.

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