Looking for Prince Charming?


Hearts all over the world broke when Prince William got engaged to Kate Middleton. But don’t fear ladies, there are still a few Princes and even a King who are still on the market. You might want to hurry though because there are plenty of women looking for a fairytale ending!

Now where do you start your search for your Prince? You have to be willing to  relocate to  another  country. If that’s not a problem, shall we proceed? Here are  7 Princes and a King who are reportedly still looking for true love:

Photo: Reuters

1. England: Prince Harry, 26, he’s the most famous of them all. And don’t forget a bad boy! We all have a weakness for   bad boys. *Sigh* The Prince recently returned from an Arctic Expedition to raise money for charity. How selfless!

Photo: The Royal Forums

2. Sweden: Prince Carl Philip, 31, he’s my personal favorite (see photo above)! He’s tall, dark and handsome! What else is on his resume? He’s a champion skier, hunter and an artist. Awww…how dreamy! But this Prince is rumored to be dating a model.

 Photo: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

3. Monaco: Prince Andrea Casiraghi, 26, well, he’s not technically a Prince…yet. He could inherit the throne if his uncle Prince Albert II dies and his mother, Princess Caroline turns down the gig. This Prince is fluent in French, German, and Italian. Magnifique!

Photo: Hollyscoop

4. Greece: Prince Philippos, 25, he’s quite a catch…if you’re into smart guys! He graduated from Georgetown University.

5. Romania: Prince Nicholas, 25, he recently got his official title of “Royal Highness.” Wait, isn’t Transylvania in Romania? Maybe he’s a vampire as well…nah, they’re not real. Right?

Photo: Zimbio

6. Luxembourg: Prince Felix, 26, this Prince is  the heir to nearly $4 billion dollars! It’s safe to say that you can live in a castle along with all your Disney friends! Caveat: His brother Prince Guillame is also the heir.


7. Belgium: Prince Amedeo, 24, he’s rumored to be right here in the States! The graduate of the London School of Economics is living and working in New York City! And so the hunt is on!

And finally, a King:

Photo: Boston.com

8. Bhutan: King Jigme Khesar, 30, he’s a bit busy at the moment. He’s globetrotting and meeting other leaders of the world. So, you might want to hang around until he has some free time. He is after all, a King.

Photo: Stuart Fanklin/Getty Images


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