Little Snooki A Big Winner At “Wrestlemania XXVII” (Video)



“Jersey Shore” star Nicole Polizzi aka “Snooki” won a six-person brawl at “WrestleMania XXVII” on Sunday evening.

Snooki was part of a winning team in a six-person tag match at the WWE event “Wrestlemania XXVII”.

Polizzi battled alongside John Morrison and Trish Stratus as they conquered their opponets, which included Dolph Ziggler, Laya El and Michelle McCool.

Little Snooki ended the match with a handspring and a series of flips, followed by a cartwheel-splash that sent McCool to the ground and won the match.

Wrestling commentator Jim Ross yelled, “A hook of the leg and Snooki has won the match! We might be on the verge of Snooki-mania!”

There was reportedly 71,617 people that attended the event at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

The “Jersey Shore” star, 23, later tweeted, “Brunette Mafia takes the Win!!! (love) (sic)”

Check out Snooki in action:

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