Lezzie DJ Samantha Ronson Got An Owie!


DJ Samantha Ronson was left with a bruised and cut-up face after a bike accident on Saturday.

Samantha Ronson, the former rug-munching pal of Lindsay Lohan, suffered injuries after she swerved to miss a car as she rode her bike home after performing a gig at The Brig on Saturday.

Ronson’s boo boo’s included a cut across her forehead and a busted lip that required 12 stitches.

The injured DJ tweeted, “Let this be a lesson … if you have a driver’s license you probably don’t need to be on a bmx bike … Wear a helmet kids!!! (sic)”

Samantha also posted on tumblr.com, writing, “literally – woke up this morning with my eyebrow stuck to my pillow and my fat lip trying to swallow my face … smoking cigarettes out of the corner of my mouth (the corner without the swelling) and obsessing over my swollen left eye that i’m sure is going to seal shut for life … at least that’s what I told my doctor to convince him to make a house call today. so far it’s working, i don’t care if he thinks i’m an insane hypochondriac, my vanity is overtaking everything else and i can’t really watch tv or play video games with one and a quarter eyes, so i’m f***ing bored. bored, bored, bored, bored, bored … the moral of this story, f**k exercise. (sic)”

We’re betting Ronson’s former girlfriend Lindsay Lohan will want to kiss the DJ’s boo boos and make them all better!

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