Kentucky Woman Befriends Pregnant Woman On Facebook & Steals Her Unborn Child (VIDEO)


Kathy Michelle Coy of Kentucky became friends on Facebook with a pregnant young woman, Jamie Stice, only to meet up with her and cut out her unborn baby with a drywall knife, leaving her for dead.   Check out the news video of the horrific story below.

Kathy Michelle Coy, 33, a Kentucky mother of two, became friends with Jamie Stice on Facebook in a sickening premeditated plot to kill her and take her baby.

Coy subdued the young pregnant mother with a stun gun, killed her, and cut her baby out of her belly with a drywall knife.

Kentucky police report that Kathy had claimed she had hidden a miscarriage from her husband and their son and daughter.   Coy then went to her children separately and discussed killing a pregnant woman and stealing the baby.   But Coy passed her comments off as a joke to her kids.

Kathy then began to befriend at least two pregnant women on Facebook, including Jamie Stice, 21.

Kentucky State Police Detective Chad Winn spoke in court, giving the gory details of how Jamie Stice was killed and where her dead body was discovered.

“Her throat was slit. Her wrist was slit. She was disemboweled and the baby was obviously cut out of her, she was face down.”

Winn then described the weapon Kathy used to kill Jamie.

“Yes there was a utility knife or a drywall knife with blood on it located in the facility. As well as a stun gun in the vicinity of where the body was found. There was also a utility knife or a big dry wall knife found in the car she was driving,” he said.

Coy told Stice she wanted to take her shopping for baby supplies last Wednesday and the young pregnant woman agreed. Instead, Coy drove the woman to a “wooded area,” incapacitated her with a stun gun, slit her throat and cut her baby out of her womb.

The crazy woman then took the baby to a friend’s home. The friend called an ambulance after helping clean the baby.   Coy arrived at the hospital around 6 p.m. and brought in a uterus, ovaries and placenta with the umbilical cord still attached, along with the baby.

The hospital knew something was very off and called the police. Coy insisted that she had given birth to the baby but later told police detectives that “she bought the baby for $550 from a woman named ‘Ashley’.

“After a while, she kept saying that Ashley came back with the baby, and detective Allen said “˜there is no Ashley, I believe you’re Ashley.’ And she smiled and said “˜you’re right,'” Winn added.

Detectives then tried to locate Coy’s pregnant Facebook friends, but didn’t find Stice. Coy later took them too the “wooded area” where she had left Jamie’s body.

The preliminary hearing was held today and the case will now head to a grand jury.

The baby boy is reported in “good condition,” according to his father.   The baby was named Isaiah.

Here’s a news report of the horrific crime:

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