James Durbin Rocks Out With His…Mic Out On “American Idol” (Video)


“American Idol” fans got a little taste of hard rock last night when contestant James Durbin rocked out to the song “Heavy Metal” with the awesome guitarist Zakk Wylde.   Check out the video below!

“American Idol” contestant James Durbin rocked the house on last night’s show as he performed the song “Heavy Metal” from the 1980 animated film of the same name.

Durbin was warned during rehearsals by Jimmy Iovine and will.i.am that the song may be a bad choice.     But Durbin showed some balls by saying he was going to do the song anyway.   Durbin begged the fans,”Give metal a chance!”

James was joined onstage by iconic guitarist Zakk Wylde, who was a former   guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne.

Durbin’s big risk on song choice seemed to go over well with the fans and judges.   Judge Jennifer Lopez was amazed and said,   “Who would’ve ever thought that on “˜American Idol,’ we would have metal?!”  Randy Jackson was also loving Durbin’s energy, saying, “I could see you onstage with Avenged Sevenfold and Ozzy at the next Ozzfest. Durbin rocks!” Steven Tyler added, “Outstanding, Durbin! You just had to get that out, didn’t you. I’m glad you went with your feeling ““ nice lip to Jimmy, there ““ I’m glad you got that out, too.”

Fox will air the results show of “American Idol” tonight at 8 p.m.

Here’s James Durdin rocking out on American Idol:


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