I Need to Vent


We like to keep things as on topic as possible here at Stupid Celebrities but I need to take a few minutes to let you all know of a major issue we have run into over the last month. Google rolled out a new update on their search engine last month known as the Panda update.

This update was designed to bring more relevant results to searchers eliminating sites reposting and stealing content.  It was one of the biggest updates Google has ever set live at once.  This update now effects every english speaking country.  So whats this have to do with us?   Well to make this short and sweet- we got thrown under the bus.

Our overall traffic has dropped by 70% – we were targetted as one of the sites that are stealing and reposting content.  The purpose of this post is not to blame anyone at Google however they need to look back into their algoirthm that has effected a lot of other quality sites in a negative manner.


Enough with rant, let me show you what has happened to google’s results.  Were going to use our article on Ruper Grints bong incident  that we posted earlier today.  We were one of the first sites to cover this story and to our surprise we actually made it on page one of google’s search results for the keywords “rupert grint bong.”   This hasn’t happend for awhile so we have been very excited.   At the time of writing this, we are number 8 as seen in the photo below.  But- there is a kicker here….

Dkmedia.info  a site ranked in the number four spot for the same search scraped our content and is outranking us.  This is a spammy junk site thats sole purpose is to scrape content from quality sites and republish them. They even hot linked our image from our story.     Sites like Dkmedia.info (which run automatically) were one of the main reasons google performed this big update to its search. But as you can see, the search engine has failed to remove these sites and have given many of them more power.     Unfortunetly there are thousands of results just like this for our website alone.  Many other quality sites were negatively effected by this update as well.    If you see results like this, let google know.   If nothing changes, many of your favorite sites may not be able to stay opened.

Thanks for reading,

Jeff Toll

founder, SCelebs.com

UPDATE:  Didn’t even realize that gossipcolumns.com who is ranked numer  one for the search also stole our story.



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