“Harry Potter” Actor Rupert Grint Toking On Bong (Photos)


Wow!   Actor Rupert Grint, who stars in the Harry Potter films, was photographed smoking something from a bong.   Is Rupert smoking weed or salvia?

Ginger actor Rupert Grint, who plays the role of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, was caught on camera smoking some substance out of a bong.

The photo of Rupert was reportedly taken at a Harry Potter cast party.

Hmm…do you think Ron Weasley is smoking weed or salvia like Miley Cyrus?

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Images: news


  1. Erm that is a FAKE photo….Dont be upset if the actor decides to take you to court, I shall pass on the details to him to ensure just that…

  2. That guy is not Rupert Grint!!. ITS A FAKE PHOTO! dont you see?? Rupert dont have the nose broken… Its obvious that you are not doing a well job!


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